Dahi Bhalla

Dahi (curd) bhalla or dahi bhalle or dahi bhalla chaat is one of the popular chaats from northern parts of India, particularly in Delhi.

Dahi bhalla is also known as dahi vada or dahi vade in some parts of India.

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Dahi Bhalla is mostly served as appetizer or sides but I can enjoy it as my main course too!! I would suggest 2-3 bhalla per person. This recipe makes around 15 to 18 bhalla which is good for 5-8 people.

Chilled dahi or curd in dahi bhalla makes it the perfect recipe for get-togethers in the summertime.

Dahi Bhalla is quick to make but requires some preparation like soaking dal (or lentils) overnight or for 4-5 hours at least. Also make your sweet (date and tamarind) chutney and spicy (coriander, chili, and mint) chutney at least a day in advance so that you don’t have to rush

I make dahi bhalla mostly during holidays like Holi, Diwali, etc. but you don’t need to wait for a holiday to indulge in this yummy dish. Make it whenever you want to.

Can I make it vegan?

Of course, add cashew curd instead of whole milk curd to make it vegan.

If you want to make dahi bhalla more interesting make dahi bhalla chaat. Add papdis, pieces of boiled potatoes and cooked chhole (chickpeas) before adding dahi (curd) on to the bhallas.

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Dahi bhalla

Heta Sanghvi
Dahi (curd) bhalla or dahi vada is one of the popular chaats from Delhi or north India. Mostly served as appetizer or sides. 
Prep Time 5 hours
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 5 hours 30 minutes
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine Indian, North Indian


For bhallas

  • ½ cup urad dal or split white gram soaked in water 4-5 hours or overnight
  • 1.25 cup water to soak dal or lentil
  • 6-7 tbsp water for grinding or as required
  • ½ tsp cumin powder
  • 1- inch ginger
  • 2-3 green chilies
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for frying

For making dahi bhalla

  • 2-2.5 cup water for soaking bhallas
  • 2 cups chilled curd or dahi
  • Sugar to taste optional
  • 1/3 cup sweet chutney or tamarind date chutney
  • 1/3 cup spicy chutney or chili coriander, and mint chutney
  • Chaat masala as required
  • Red chili paprika powder, as required
  • Roasted cumin powder as required

For garnishing

  • Coriander leaves
  • Pomegranate arils optional


Making bhalla or vada batter

  • Rinse urad dal, split white gram, in water couple times
  • Soak dal or lentil in water for 4-5 hours or overnight
  • Drain the dal or lentil and add it to grinder jar
  • Add cumin powder, salt, ginger, green chilies, and 6-7 tbsp water
  • Grind everything to a smooth paste
  • Take ground batter to a bowl
  • Stir the batter briskly for 10 minutes to make it light and fluffy

Frying bhallas or vada

  • Add oil to kadai or pan for deep frying
  • Heat the oil on medium flame
  • To check if the oil is ready for frying, add a small drop of batter to oil. If it comes to top Immediately, the oil is ready to fry bhallas
  • Now add a spoonful of batter in oil
  • According to the capacity of your pan, add more bhallas
  • Flip the bhallas frequently
  • Fry till golden or light brown
  • Drain excess oil using paper towel
  • Add bhalla to the water
  • Soak bhalla for 20-25 minutes
  • Take each bhalla between your palms and gently press it and remove excess water

Making dahi (curd) bhalla or dahi vada

  • Add sugar to chilled dahi or curd and beat it till smooth
  • Now in a serving plate put 2-3 bhallas and add curd
  • Add sweet and spicy chutney as required
  • Sprinkle chili powder, roasted cumin powder, and chaat masala
  • Garnish it with coriander leaves and pomegranate arils
  • Serve dahi bhalla immediately


- To check right consistency of the batter, in a small bowl take water and add 1 tbsp batter. If it does not float, add sooji (semolina) or besan flour (garbanzo bean flour, chickpea flour)
- You can also add papdi, pieces of boiled potato and boiled chhole (chickpeas) before adding curd to the soaked and pressed bhalla
- To make it vegan, use cashew curd
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